Friday, October 24, 2014

New “Gods Faithbook” Site Offers Free Ad Space To Worthy Causes And Charities!

New “Gods Faithbook” Site Offers Free Ad Space To Worthy Causes And Charities!

Stating that the site’s membership growth is tramadol rx phenomenal, MGF spokesman, Richard Kaye stressed that God's Faithbook is making every effort to fully reflect the meaning of generosity, goodness and reaching-out.

Kaye pointed out that the site (at is constantly seeking new ways to add to its offerings and promises lots of surprises in the near future including a wide variety of new member services.

“While the emphasis is still on fun and communication among members,” he continued, “We still want to demonstrate the buy abilify online tenets that characterize Christianity and other faiths. Certainly in providing a means for charities, causes and emergency relief efforts to communicate free of charge, we are attempting to fulfill these expectations. In fact,” said Kay, “nothing would please us more than to online pharmacy pharmacy viagra learn that our efforts helped feed and clothe some suffering peoples, or to convince medical teams to journey to a devastated spot, or to stimulate more donations. This is the best reward we could ever hope to realize.”

In responding to why people of all ages seem to be responding in droves to God's Faithbook, Kaye pointed out “that we don’t give sermons and viagra on prescription in the uk we don’t make judgements. These new members have heard that ours is a place to seek friends, offer and receive prayers, be of follow link service, find a helping hand, be entertained and meet a soul mate. Personally, I think somebody up there, might just like us.” God's Faithbook can be visited at

To place an add or obtain more information, call Richard Kaye at: 954-650-8887 or email, Richard at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“My God’s Faithbook” Accepting Free Ads!

Hot new social site offers opportunity to reach their huge member base absolutely Free. Generous donors may abound in their ranks. For more information, visit


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