Saturday, October 25, 2014

Christians To Participate In Sending A Prayer And Birthday Wish To Jesus

God’s Faithbook  Social Network Inviting Worldwide Christians To Participate In Sending A Prayer And Birthday Wish To Jesus On December 25th.

Expect Thousands of buying levitra without a prescription Visitors To Its Site To Write A Personal Message
Expressing Love, Devotion and Birthday Wishes For Christ’s Teachings To Endure Forever.

“It’s a first time ever use of the internet to online pharmacy cost levitra unite Christians in a massive re-affirmation of the glory of Jesus’ birth over 2000 years ago.” That’s the happy message officials of God’s Faithbook are proclaiming throughout the world. Private estimates say visitors responding to this call (by visiting their site ( could reach in excess of hundreds of thousands.

“We invite everyone to come and join us in rejoicing on this most holiest of generic viagra now days. All birthday wishes will be posted publicly for others to utilize (or if you wish, kept private for your eyes and those of God alone.) Visitors will also receive a special blessing from a distinguished surprise member of the clergy to be named later.”

When reached for further comment, a spokesman for the Christian Social Network My God’s Faithbook reiterated the uniqueness of the event. “To our knowledge, nothing like this has been done by anyone before. It will be an “electric” occasion alive with “electric” wishes. Furthermore, we are girding our site for the huge amount of visitors and anticipate no technical problems. Still, in deference to the massive traffic, birthday wishes may be entered a full 24 hours before Christmas and up until 12:AM the day following Christmas.”

When asked if the spokesman and others associated with the Christian Social Network believed that Christ would actually be aware of each visitor’s wish, the answer came with no hesitation. “Of course. We have no knowledge as to how HE accomplishes such things, but visitors will find that somehow, in some manner he will make HIS awareness known.”

Christians looking for a daily bible reading or desiring to be part of this special event should mark their website address down for future reference:



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