God's Faithbook is in Maintenance Mode.


As some of you already know, the funds for GFB have been abruptly cancelled by the owner of the site, Richard Kurtzrock. Many of you have already come to our new site, but we have heard some of you are accidentally going to the wrong site. The site is www.christiansocial.network there is no .com or .net at the end of that, the address typed is the exact web address of our site. Here is a screenshot of our landing page so you will know you're at the right place http://screencast.com/t/wX9V1bXRpX

You can use the same E-mail address but you will have to sign up for a new account, your old GFB account will not work on the new site. And of course the site is completely free to join!

If you are still having problems signing up for the new site and you need further help. Or if you have any questions or concerns at all you can contact Faith and Troy by E-mail at admin@christiansocial.network

If you have not read the original letter as to why GFB is shutting down, we have attached it below so you can be informed of why this has happened to our beloved Christian site GFB. We hope all of you will join us on our new site so we can enjoy the same kind of Christian fellowship we have enjoyed over the last 6 years on GFB. Below is the original message from Faith explaining what happened.

Faith: After 5.5 years on GFB, 3 years as Head Admin, RichardKaye the owner of God's Faithbook (GFB), has stripped me of any and all powers and
abilities to protect, admin, and help the GFB members. He stripped me of
my powers because I ban scammers, spammers, con artists, and members
who refuse to stop posting unbiblical content. Richard wants to allow
New Age, Muslim, Buddha, Hindu, and any other world religion that
believes in a "god" to post whatever they want to post on GFB with no
regard for the true Christian believers who get on our site to
fellowship in Christ.

On top of taking my admin powers away, Richard has also decided that he
is cancelling all funding for GFB by the end of the month, and he will
be dissolving the site. He originally offered to give the site to our
current technician Troy VanWinkle. Troy took him up on that offer and
said he would pay the bills to keep GFB running. But then in an
interesting turn of events Richard changed his mind the very next day
and sent Troy a very threatening message saying he did not want Troy to
have GFB after all. Instead Richard wants to end GFB, with no regard for
everyone who loves the site. Troy recorded a short video of his
conversation with Richard Kurtzrock, the owner of GFB. Troy posted the
video at this link http://screencast.com/t/IEGIX4tr please click the link and play the short video to see the exact contents of the conversation.

Troy and I have been working on creating a new Christian social network
that seeks to serve Jesus and His Word and the GFB family we have grown
to know and love and care for. CindyLou and Kitty Kat have been
wonderfully helpful to us as well. Effective immediately every
Administrator, Moderator, Bible Study Host, Event Host, and every single
staff member on GFB has agreed to leave GFB and join us on CSN. Troy,
CindyLou, KittyKat, Charles Gentry, Dan Harvey, & I are moving to
our new site and we would like to invite you to join us. Our NEW site is
located at www.christiansocial.network

A note from KittyKat aka Kat671, "I sure hope you come to CSN because I
treasure very much the membership and family we have had with the type
of Jesus focused in His word we have had together at GFB. It would be a
great blessing to me to continue that with you at CSN :)"

A note from CindyLou, "My Dear GFB Family I have grown to love you all
over the past four years and I see you all as my brothers and sisters in
Jesus Christ. I hope to keep you all in my life as I have a close bond
with you and love reading all of your post and your humor and your love
for our Jesus. Hope you will come to the new site that Faith & Troy
have created. Hope to see you all there soon. Much love to you all.
Jesus bless you."

CHRISTIAN SOCIAL NETWORK www.christiansocial.network offers ALL that
is good, true, and faithful to Jesus Christ alone, and His Word alone,
and offers and welcomes ALL those who are SEEKING JESUS and want to
learn, know, and follow Him, while fellowshipping, praying for,
encouraging one another, chatting, attending daily events, sharing, and
enjoying our Jesus walk in this devolving lost world.

This is our personal invitation to you all to come check out, join for
free, and fellowship with us there. Regardless, your decision, know
that you all remain in our thoughts, prayers, and heart, and know that
you have all been a blessing to our lives in wondrous ways for many

Note that Troy has had very little time to set the new site up due to
Richard abruptly cancelling funds for GFB with no warning whatsoever.
The site is still under construction, but it's currently online about
95% of the time. In 2-3 weeks it will be up 100% of the time, this is
only for a very short time as we are still adding new content to the

Be blessed and stay blessed in our precious Lord Jesus!

Faith & Troy

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